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Mining an essential element

Phosphate is one of the three macronutrients required for plant growth – playing a crucial part in plant development
  • Photosynthesis
  • Cell Division and Multiplication
  • Proper Root Development
  • Complete Crop Production
  • Efficient Bud and Food Development
  • Boosts crop yield and productivity

Rapid industrialisation, urbanisation and expansion of the world’s population have all increased the global demand for food but also contributed to significant land degradation from commercial agricultural activity. When crops are removed, phosphorus is also removed, which has led to this essential element being widely depleted from the earth’s soil. Producers must continually reapply to replenish these losses and phosphate fertilisers are one of the prolific in increasing agricultural productivity and quality of yield.

The need for food security and supply due to a growing global population and consistent demand from ongoing soil degradation are key fundamentals driving the ongoing growth of the market but there is also an increasing trend towards organic farming linked to consumer focus on health and the environment.

Providing an organic product that increases sustainable agricultural production

Keras’ PhosAgri product has received Organic Certification by all three key certification agencies in the USA – California (CDFA), Washington State (WSDA) and the federal Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

As a Direct Shipping Ore it requires no chemical/synthetic upgrade processes, contains low heavy metal impurities, significantly higher available P2O5 than any other organic rock phosphate in North America, and a calcium content of >25%.

Due to the quality of this material, PhosAgri is a valuable product that both supports and increases sustainable agricultural production and also be used for blending in transitional farming requirements as it serves to enhance soil quality.

High grade, premium Phosphate supply is rare

USDA requires all organic food to be grown with organically certified fertiliser

Existing US rock phosphate suppliers primarily offer low grade material – 3% available P205

Higher demand for micronised fertilisers required for hydroponic farming

A shortage of organic soil inputs prevent farmers from satisfying the rising demand for organic food

Rock phosphate can have heavy metal issues, restricting organic certification

High cost per P-value (% Available P205 per ton)

Our Market:

The North American organic fertiliser industry was 5.0Mt in 2020 and is forecast to grow to 7.2Mt by 2027 (CAGR of 8.5%), and from US$1.5bn in 2020 to US$3.8bn (CAGR of 14.3%).

Phosphate fertilisers make up 22% of the total organic fertiliser market, of which 20% is sourced from rock phosphate (2020 rock phosphate 200kt).

US organic rock phosphate fertiliser consumption is forecast to grow at CAGR of 8.1% from 200kt in 2020 to 340kt in 2027, 14% in USD terms.

Source: Meticulous Research