The mining process at Diamond Creek is typical drill & blast, with ore loaded & hauled to our laydown area at the foot of the mountain where primary crushing is carried out through a mobile jaw crusher. Crushed ore (minus 50mm) is then trucked to the milling facility at our Delta Processing Facility for downstream sizing, packaging and despatch to customers.

The mined material only requires crushing, milling and bagging before being sold as high-grade organic rock phosphate fertiliser – a 23% total phosphorus pentoxide (‘P205’) premium product and importantly with minimum 12% available P205 which is significantly higher than our competitors.

With our in-house processing plant, we can adapt our premium, higher-grade phosphate resources to deliver customised products for the specific needs of local soil, climate, and crops with the ultimate aim of generating higher crop yields for our customers.

From mine to market

Operations Flow Diagram